Quote from a good friend:

„Great. You connect your hobby and your attitude of life with your work.“
„I think that if you get advice from someone who lives what he teaches, the advice is more sound.“

"The theory is a college graduation" Jimmy Carter

Nature, Balance, Prevention, Fitness, Perception, Activity, Laughing, Motivation, Fun, Joy, Flow, Sustainability, Communication, Fitness, Unconventional, Authenticity
These keywords reflect my attitude to life which I would like to convey.

Prevention, holistic thinking, endurance, balance, and mental fitness, as practiced by athletes, are important aspects in their implementation.
Originally, I came from the financial sector and was most recently working for an air ambulance company, as well as a safety representative until the right time came to make me self-employed.

Challenges are a common thread throughout my life. Standstill in development is a step backwards for me. My passion is skiing and cycling. My roots are in Tyrol, I live here, where others spend their holidays and this gives me the opportunity to get in touch with people from different countries and thereby broaden my horizons. Courses in the field of personal development, in the field of sports, as well as travel and literature extended my open, holistic way of thinking and implementation.

"Education does not come from reading, but from thinking about what has been read".
Carl Hilty

I have been connected to nature since childhood, which has always been an ideal and beautiful balance for me.

Based on my experience, it is important to me that my clients are the main characters.

Each person is unique, be it on the part of the fitness or of their respective expectations. In a personal preliminary talk I will determine the status quo and the persons expectations and on this basis provide an individual offer with activities in the indoor and outdoor area in a special framework.

In this preliminary talk, you decide whether you want to take the advice.
It is a high quality offer for people who want to get involved in something new and go another way.